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🔥 Coinbase Q1-2021 Earnings Call is a Game Changer ! Register here

As stated in a previous Daily Crypto news, Coinbase plans to publish its Q1-2021 results today in just at 1:30 pm ET. These results are stratigically published just a little more than a week before going public on April, 14th 2021.

Coinbase To Go Public on April 14, Announce Q1 Earnings Beforehand - Decrypt

As a former Equities Portfolio manager, this usually means Coinbase had a stella Q1-2021 and tries to get the best valuation possible.

You can register to the webcast there: https://investor.coinbase.com/events-and-presentations/events/default.aspx ; you just need an email adress.

If you never listened to a quaterly earnings from a Public Company, you might actually enjoy it as they go over the Market, competition and financial results. Therefore there are a lot of information!

Below is the confirmation I received image.png

This is a BIG Step for Coinbase AND the Crypto World!


I believe this is a BIG step for the entire cryptospace as we have one of the biggest Crypto company enterinf the “traditional finance” world and this should bring a ton of interest from investors and research houses (JPM, Goldman Sachs, Citibank…) that will cover the stock following its listing.

We also get a lot more transparency on metrics such as DAUs, Revenue per user, margins, etc…

(This is from their S1-2020 presentation)

I understand as Crypto users we might be a little bit odd considering the people we fought might become shareholder of a lot of Crypto companies but if we will go towards mass adoption this is something that has to happen.

Bridging the Crypto/Geek and the Traditional Finance Worlds?

As I looked around on their “investor’ website (link here), I noticed they made a lot of different videos such as:

  • Introduction to Coinbase by B.Armstrong
  • Our competitive advantage by Emilie Choi (COO)
  • Reddit AMA

This is something new as they bring together short videos that seem good formats for retail investors and also bring communities such as Reddit to the table which I have never seen for any other listed company.

As we saw with WallStreetBets, there is an eagerness from retail investors to understand and participate in the financial markets and I find this great !

And whether we like it or not, COinbase IS the way Institutional Investors get into Bitcoin.


So stay tuned and I will try to write a sum-up for the Coinbase Q1-2021 Earnings Call; this will be History !

Who else will be listening?


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