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🔥 Get $30 worth of DFI

$20, when you sign up and make a deposit.
If you use a referral code, both you and I get an extra $10!

So you will get total ($20 + $10 = $30) worth of DFI token.
This is the same DeFi project who airdropped DFI tokens to BTC hodlers a few months back. Cakedefi and DefiChain are partners.

Note- These DFI tokens will be in locked mode for 180 days when you receive it and will be tradable/withdrawable after that.

Tips for saving your money for the transaction:
Currently, the transaction fee for BTC, ETH, or ERC-20 tokens is costly. So in this case, you can deposit DASH, PIVX, or Zcoin if you have. This will save your money for the transaction fee. Otherwise, you can deposit other mentioned crypto. It is profitable in any case.

How much to deposit?
They have not specified any minimum amount to deposit, but I would recommend depositing at least $10 worth of crypto to be on the safe side.

And remember, if you use my referral code (228229), you will get an extra $10 worth DFI, so please use it. I will also get the same amount for DFI.

The link is here:

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