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0x Governance Confirms v4 Upgrade

The 0x (ZRX) governance community approved the upgrade to 0x v4 on Jan. 23, which is set to bring improvements to pricing, liquidity and upgradability. 

  • 11.6 million ZRX tokens were staked, making it the largest vote in terms of voting power, and the vast majority voted in favor of the upgrade
  • Calling it the most gas efficient DEX protocol, v4 will make it cheaper to trade on both Uniswap (UNI) and SushiSwap, with prices being up to 70% cheaper than v3
  • The team emphasizes the ease with which other DeFi products can be integrated into trades i.e. provide liquidity, swap liquidity pool tokens and swap collateral on Aave (AAVE) or Compound (COMP) easily
  • Another major feature is plug and play liquidity, which lets custom on-chain liquidity pools be plugged in which is then combined with other liquidity sources
  • The v4 upgrade will go live as 0x’s smart order routing is upgraded
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