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0x Officially Launches DEX Matcha

The 0x (ZRX) development team has officially launched its decentralized exchange (DEX) Matcha on June 30, according to a blog post. The 0x protocol, which offers tools for developers they can use at their own decentralized exchanges, has largely existed as a protocol for other entities to use. With the release of Matcha, 0x enters the exchange space with its own platform.

Matcha will use the 0x Mesh, along with being able to pull liquidity from Curve, Kyber Network (KNC), Oasis, and Uniswap to offer users the best possible rates on the market. 

The team has also focused on making the UI/UX as intuitive as possible, highlighting a search field and shortcuts as ways to streamline the trading process. Additionally, it has emphasized educational resources to help traders understand assets and discover new ones. The blog post describes this agenda as follows,

Traders are required to learn about and discover these assets on their own time. We believe a good exchange should make it easier for people to learn about the things they’re investing in. That’s why we’ve invested in building out asset pages which will serve as a destination for people to discover and learn about new tokens.

DEXs are still the home of the tech-savvy, as fresh investors find it difficult to engage with what is a more technically demanding platform, compared to centralized exchanges. 0x also aims to address this issue, offering users various metrics, including the change in an asset’s price over a specified time frame, expected slippage, and a transaction time estimator.

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