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There are 3 days left until the  BNB announcement on betfury ends, but today i wanted to find out a little more about BNB is,

and note that there are variable offers to mine every 20m BNB on boxes .

In my personal opinion they are not profitable, only boxes of 30 days with an estimated profit if you claim all the 100% boxes

Let´s face it, nobody claim everything, but  i can assure you that you have  doble what you have put in to win, so it would be enough.

for you to claim the boxes not 24/7 only when you are free on the margin of the 100%.

I hope this tip will help you if you use betfury and if not, it is a legitimate page where you can earn profit, but do it with your head.


That is going well, and i think it would enter with BNB x2 the opportunity to mine, since it can be withdawn starting form 0.005 BNB,

otherwise you can bet on the different gambling games at betfury for go to the moon. i just hope you have good luck.

And recommend that if you are going to mine BNB , always but the 30 days and not for the week



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