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11.08.2020 – Another day in Cryptoverse

  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Grayscale decided to bring crypto into everyone’s home. Check this ad that just made its way into the American TV medium. 

  • Look at this worderful coins. JUST is still going up, for how long, i do not know, almost make me feel bad that i sold all of it at $0.06. But this doesn’t matter, as we have bigger fish to fry. TERRA and LUNA are going up strong. SORA started to lose the hype, and DEFI tokens such as Nest Protocol, Balancer and yearn.finance are returning to the equilibrium price, after they were a bit (quite a bit!) overvalued. Was all this DEFI just a summer fad, unable to keep up with the CEFI long term strategy? We will see. 



  • Now let’s have some good news! Bitcoin fees are decreasing lately, with an average of $2.70 per 1 BTC lately, as opposed to $6.50 two month ago. There is an increased activity lately related to the Bitcoin, mainly after the value increased with more that 11.000. The cryptocurrency exchanges also saw a 13% surge in the online activity.


  • As I was mentioned DEFI craze, as per today, 50% of the total DAI is locked in the Compound app. To be honest, the numbers are not anymore in the favor of the Compound yield farmers, as the interest offered is 3.13%. Even if you add the Compound token received, there is nowhere close to the 8.33% offered by Celsius. I know, I know, you do not have your private keys, but if you have less than 50k DAI, probably CEFI( CEntralized FInance – Celsius, Nexo, Blockfi) is a better option. If it is more than 50k, then yes, i would like to have access to my funds, and probably i would use DEFI apps. In a Butterfly Effect kind of move, the lack of liquidity of DAI helped USDC (Coinbase stablecoin) to grow even further, as some of the projects using DAI were not pleased with the latest issue and migrated towards USDC.


  • On their latest Syndicate event, Crypto.com made an unpopular move and choose this little line to be added to the Promotion rules: ”Crypto.com Exchange users will need to trade at least $5,000 USD worth of volume in the past 30 days on the Crypto.com Exchange in order to be eligible to subscribe”. This was not something that pleased me, because lately the Syndicate promotions were only offering peanuts anyway. I am thinking to transfer all my CRO from them, and probably get Elrond instead, probably as soon as Elrond is sorting out the staking mechanism. No PAXGOLD for me this promotion. Bad, Bad Crypto.com!


  • After an initial period of testing, i can say that it is possible to use Dogewars game to farm doge optimally, unattached emotionally, with an initial investment of 12-20 DOGE. With 30 seconds daily activity, you may farm close to 2-300 DOGE monthly. If yOU choose to invest a bit more (500 DOGE to buy decent gear), you may farm the paid boss fights, with a monthly return 7-800 DOGE. I use this DOGE, and the DOGE from Cryptofaucet to aquire Rapids Masternodes shares on Stakecube

See you soon, sweet monsoon!




My crypto-related links  (check ratings – 1 to 5 stars based on my personal experience)


Games to gain crypto

***** League of Kingdoms – link here: similar with Heroes of Might and Magic or RoK (worldwide – paying in DAI)

***** DogeWars – link here (paying in Doge, 10-100 Doge initial investment, fight bosses and 1vs1 arena)



***** Binance( good for staking/savings ) – link here

***** Kucoin( good for staking/savings ) – link here

***** Coinbase( ideal for beginners )- link here  

****ChangeNOW (make your own exchange widget) – link here



**** BlockFi (decent interest rates, but less choices than Celsius) – link here

***** Celsius.network (good rates of interests and monthly codes for free crypto, 1235256530 => my referral for $10 bonus  ) – link here

**** Coinbundle (investing in crypto bundles) – link here  

**** Stakecube (staking, masternodes and very easy to claim faucets for 28 coins/tokens) – link here


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**** Crypto.com wallet (good interest staking and 50$ bonus in MCO) – link here


Free crypto (faucets and more)

***** Pipeflare faucet (ZEC & PIVX) – link here

****Lbry.tv (free crypto for watching or making videos) – link here

****Bitfun( 3 min countdown – automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) – link here

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