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73% ETH 2.0- Nice day to be Ethereum


At this time 384,672 ETH were staked with only 139,616 left to reach the 524,288 needed. At 32 ETH for each validator node, this means that there are already 12,021 addresses ready to become validator nodes and another 4,363 are missing. 73% of the ethers (ETH) needed to activate version 2.0 of Ethereum have already been deposited in the corresponding smart contract.

The final number needs to be reached no later than November 24 for Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 to be activated on December 1, as scheduled. In case of not arriving by this date, the activation will occur 7 days after that number is reached. This initial phase will only record the validators. In addition, it understands how to organize committees and is responsible for applying consensus rules.

Yesterday, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin exposed that more than half of the required ETH was already deposited. Following those statements, the price of the crypto asset rose about 12% in 24 hours to exceed $ 600. It had not been seen since June 2018 and, although it is considerable growth, ETH is still 58% below its all-time high of USD 1,448.


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