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A cryptocurrency exchange that pays hackers. Impossible?

BitcoinTrade Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange

BitcoinTrade has added remuneration to its spending for hackers who are tasked with breaking the exchange’s security protocols and helping to provide better and better service every day.

What is behind this stock exchange decision?

BitcoinTrade argues its decision by striving to improve the quality of the stock exchange and promoting white hat hacking. A white hacker is a person who uses his knowledge and skills to reveal security deficiencies, thanks to which it is possible to ensure greater security of the systems or websites of the hacked organization.

The cryptocurrency exchange has decided to pay hackers who break its security protocols after the latest information on Brazilian data leaks. The leak concerned almost 50% of Brazil’s population, and people whose private data can be found at various types of auctions in the deep web include President of Brazil – Jair Bolsonaro. A few days earlier, Brazil was about to break into the largest creditworthiness assessment organization – Serasa Experian. The result of this leak is huge databases that contain information such as names, surnames, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, unique tax identifiers and credit ratings. In total, data on 223 million Brazilians were disclosed (Brazil has a population of about 210 million, but the datasets also contain information on the deceased).


Hackers – help with security

According to the cryptopotato.com website, the aim of the actions taken by BitcoinTrade is to minimize the possibility of various types of attacks that would shake the peace and trust of customers in the exchange. The program, which was created in cooperation with BugHunt, will pay the hacker an average of 10,000 Brazilian Real for the vulnerability found, which is approximately US $ 1,860. It is worth adding that the amount of remuneration will change due to the rank of the error.

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