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Ada explosion

If you haven’t noticed ADA has doubled in price over the past two months. Buying in under .13, an invested could have doubled profits during this incredible rise. Volume has also consistently jumped, which brings to question.. what is going on? Some may say that this rise is simple due to Bitcoins recent price explosion. While that may be the case, I’m going to explore another option that may explain this sudden uptick in interest for ADA

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardona and co-founder of Etherium, has been diligently working to release the  next phase on the Cardano blockchain. Phase 3, called “Goguen” will allow the blockchain to run decentralized applications (DApps). Simply put, users will now be able to execute functional smart contracts. 

this phase has yet to be released but the time is near. It is my opinion that ADA will explore in volume and price once this phase is implemented. It will also allow this blockchain a new capability and will increase its chances of long term success. As an investor or avid crypto enthusiast, ADA should not foolishly be set aside. The release of Goguen will bring many positive changes for the Cardano blockchain, including those who chose to invest early on in its blockchain 



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