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AltStreet Bets: The New Kids in Town

What is AltStreet Bets?


Well, dear reader, allow me to explain. 

r/altstreetbets is a subreddit.  It’s like if r/wallstreetbets and r/cryptocurrency had a lovechild, and that lovechild was left in a running car that was sitting in a garage for a little bit too long, and was subsequently given access to a Binance account and $10,000.  

Altstreet comes from the term Alts which (as you probably know) covers any crypto that is not Bitcoin.  That’s not to say Bitcoin discussions are prohibited.  (How could we call ourselves a respectable crypto sub without paying homage to daddy Bitcoin?)  This sub doesn’t get into the tribalism bullshit that infects crypto.  We are about one thing above all else:  Trading crypto, and making money.  If you’re “In it for the Tech”, go have a circle jerk session on r/cryptocurrency.  We’re shameless in our pursuit of sweet sweet tendies.  

r/wallstreetbets won’t allow for crypto discussions and r/cryptocurrency won’t allow for shit posting, so we saw a dire need for something that could satisfy all those degenerates out there looking to dive into the dangerous world of crypto trading, while mercilessly making fun of noobs getting “rekt” by the markets.   It’s all in good fun though.  We’re a budding community, and we do look out for each other (sometimes) and occasionally, someone might offer up some well intentioned investment advice (like this guy here)

Currently, we’re sitting around 8,000 subs with that number growing every day.  Our goal is to get 100,000 subscribers by the end of 2021, so that brings me to the purpose of this new blog…


Why do you need a blog if you have Reddit?  

Good question hypothetical reader.  

The purpose of the blog is to extend our reach beyond Reddit.  We want to reach a wider audience who otherwise would never know we exist.  Think of this blog as an extension of the sub.  Here, we’ll be publishing important announcements, and curating a weekly “best of”, where the top posts will be enshrined in a hall of fame of a stupidity.  If there is a particularly amazing post, we may link it here as well for all the world to see.

Note: Every important announcement will always be posted to the sub first, so check there for the most “up-to date” news on sub activity.


Alright, I’m in!  What do I need to know?

  • Once you join our ranks, you are no longer a normal person.  you are now either an Altist or an Altard.  If you call yourself an altcoiner or a Bitcoin Maximalist, you are permabanned, no questions asked (Kidding, but be prepared to be mercilessly made fun of).  
  • Second, like any respectable sub, we do have some rules to keep the community engaged, control the quality of content being posted, and to protect noob investors:


  • Third, understand that this sub accepts no responsibility for losses.  Crypto trading is a dangerous and volatile market.  The user must DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before making any trades.  While users may post trading advice, we encourage each user to take everything with a grain of salt.  Just because someone makes huge gains one day, does not mean you will the next day.  We’ve already seen a few people gain and lose  hundreds of thousands of dollars in the course of a single day.  If you play with fire in these markets, be prepared to get burned.  


As a little appetizer for the sub, here are the some of the top posts:

Puke and rally….. let’s goooo from r/AltStreetBets


An AltStreet State of Mind from r/AltStreetBets


Pro Tip: Your portfolio not moving up fast enough? Change the default currency to Venezuelan Bolivars. Instant millionaire. from r/AltStreetBets


$5k ➡️ $71k in a month from being long BTC on 5x leverage and using my gains as collateral to buy more and more and more leverage from r/AltStreetBets


The new kids in town from r/AltStreetBets


The Coinbase Pump: Is it real and can we time it? from r/AltStreetBets


I got liquidated and lost $53,000 😭😭😭 from r/AltStreetBets



That’s all for today. 

Go forth and make massive gainz!  


-The Altstreet Mod Team

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