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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Can Buy All Outstanding BTC’s

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is known for being the richest person in the world, despite his divorce (and subsequent decline in assets) and the global economic crisis in 2020.

Bezos’ net worth is now estimated at $ 171.6 billion, which theoretically means he can buy all the circulating Bitcoin (BTC) (18,420,625 BTC). The market value of the largest cryptocurrency in the world is now ~ $ 170.2 billion.

Bezos leaves Gates behind

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates became number 1 again in October last year, after Amazon’s shares fell seven percent. But then Bezos established himself at number one again. Currently, there is a gap of $ 59 billion between Bezos and Gates (the second is currently worth $ 112 billion). Amazon reached its historic peak in mid-April, after having had to physically close its doors due to the coronavirus.


Not everyone congratulates the ultra-rich CEO. On June 1, angry protesters placed guillotines outside Bezos’s Washington home to draw attention to inequality. Despite the severe economic crisis, the accumulated wealth of the 500 richest people on the planet reached US $ 5.93 trillion.

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