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Ankr is for Everyone. A talk with startup DeeCrypt.io

Imagine you’re a regular crypto user that wants to support the decentralization of a project you like.

We talk about how our systems work with some of the biggest names in the space, whether it’s exchanges like Binance or hot DeFi projects like Meter.io and Keysians. But what’s the experience like for the everyday crypto enthusiast? That’s where Bert Hendriksen from DeeCrypt.io comes in.

Deecrypt.io is a new project formed from a small group of curious programmers wanting to support decentralization and learn more about how blockchain works. They started with deploying a Harmony node, something that any of us could do with Ankr.

But don’t take our word it. Listen to what Bert from DeeCrypt.io has to say about us.

Q: Why did you decide to go with Ankr instead of personally hosting a node yourself? Your team definitely has the technical know-how.

A: Our team consists of various programmers with different experiences, but we did not have real experience on the blockchain. With Ankr we could easily set up a node without having any technical knowledge about it.

Of course we could also have hosted a server ourselves, but then you should also think of security, maintenance, backup generation, etc. This is all arranged by Ankr, nice and easy! This way we can fully focus on gaining experience on the blockchain.

Q: I’m sure you checked out AWS, Google Cloud, etc. What factors made you choose Ankr over others?

A: As of 2019, we have been investing in Harmony, a blockchain with which Ankr has a long-term partnership. We believe in collaborations, we believe that chain collaborations are more sustainable than companies that work on their own.

In addition, it is financially attractive to choose Ankr, for only 29 USD per month you can easily set up and manage your Harmony Validator.

Q: Tell me about DeeCrypt.io. What problem does it solve? How is Ankr helping to make that possible?

A: We don’t solve real world problems, we try to contribute. We do this through decentralization. The strength of a successful blockchain lies in decentralization, which we can only achieve by starting multiple validators.

Ankr contributes to this by making it particularly easy to start and manage a node. We chose Harmony because we believe in their vision, “To scale trust and create a radically fair economy”. Harmony has the mainnet live, Effective Proof or Stake.

Their blockchain supports 4 shards of 1000 nodes and produces blocks in 5 seconds, super fast! There is a great active team behind Harmony and an even more active community!

Q: How has your experience been with your first node on Ankr, the Harmony Validator?

A: The setup of the first node was very simple, really set up in a few minutes. For this first node we selected a server in Singapore. After the set-up we had to wait a few minutes to synchronize, once finished we could delegate our investment to our own node via our own wallets. At the next epoch we were immediately “elected”!

Unfortunately, after a few days something went wrong with the server in Singapore, this gave us the opportunity to meet the developers of Ankr, nice and direct contact via Telegram and good help. Result: setting up a new node on the server in the UK. Of course set up again within a few minutes and again “Elected” at the next Epoch!

Q: Any thoughts on expansion? A new protocol, or perhaps a second Harmony validator?

A: We are fully passionate about blockchain, technology and coding. With the new knowledge we gain every day, we also get new ideas. But first get the basics in order and then expansion.

Our first goal was to successfully set up a node on Harmony, now we are still looking for delegators to delegate the ONE tokens to us. Next step, a new protocol, developing Dapps, time will tell. Follow us on Twitter to see what our next step will be!

Q: What can readers do to contribute?

A: Of course delegate their ONE tokens to our DeeCrypt Validator, below you will find our address. The DeeCrypt Validator charges only 5% commission and earns an APR of around 11% at the moment of writing.

Smartstake (one of the other validators) has created a great dashboard where you can view the performance of the validators. You can find the link to our Validators’ performance here.

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Got more questions?

We thank Bert Hendriksen for his time, I’m sure our readers got some valuable insight!

If you’re still on the fence, feel free to get to know us a little bit more in our online communities or by sending our support staff a message on our website.

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