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Atari Token Sale Ends In 2 Days. Last Chance At $0.16 Each. Public Sale Begins October 29th at $0.29 Cents. Quick $$$

If you missed it in the news, the Atari Coin Presale is coming to an end in TWO days. October 29th the public sale will start at .29 per coin. This is an opportunity to nearly double your investment 🙂

They were listed to end the second round of presale in Fall of 2020, we wanted to toss it out one more time for those that may have missed the opportunity. You can purchase the Atari Tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash. Easy money to be made in 48 hours!

This is ATARI people… The original home gaming company, original arcade company… We are moving into Blockchain gaming and Atari plans to be the first to bring it to the masses AGAIN.


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We are fairly certain that this coin will be huge considering the Atari customer base, the nostalgia of it all and of course this huge new push into Blockchain gaming. Not something we would miss, so of course we grabbed our bag. 

This will be our last share for Atari Token, if you haven’t grabbed yourself any, coins are currently $0.16, they can be purchased using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin.

End date was just listed, so we would not suggest waiting much longer.

Check out the Atari site and get your coins here —–>> Atari Tokens

New games will be played on their new VCS Gaming Console!!!!!!!




Happy Coining.


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