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Atlas Rising Blockchain solutions to rise up solar energy technology

Every day, Blockchain technology is acquiring almost every new business to establish a fast and effective business world. We all have to adopt the changes as fast as possible to compete with the world. In contrast, Energy is the most important requirement to fulfil the major requirements of people. It is how interesting that blockchainers are willing to incorporate blockchains with trending technologies. 

What is AtlasRising?

It is an asset-based platform where it would benefit the investors reflecting on other platforms where they sell their assets in exchange for your assets. Atlas Rising has the intention of targeting the major areas where they can generate passive income. in other words, it acts as a crypto mutual fund while crypto asset values, Master Nodes, Staking are the main sources of income. In addition, Solar power is the major source of energy utilised to mine crypto and trading them.

Design Concept

The profit growing mechanism is utilised as the design concept. You can create the username and password for the details provided by Atlasrising.IO and share the links associated with the website for your friends to buy Atlas rising tokens and you are entitled to 5% referral fee. and override referral fee for if your referee sent the link with other friends.


Moreover, the entire concept is comprised of platform users, market research, blockchain technology, better ecosystem and secure wallet. A fully comprehensive set of tools are provided in this blockchain system to enhance the quality of the output. A better ecosystem is the key for the project outcomes and platform users play a key role in project success.

Solar Ship

Solar energy is a safe and effective solution to our ever-growing global demands for energy. Project team determines that this project is especially cool, and more fascinating about 21st-century Solarship!

What is the Vault?

Atlas Rising Token value is represented in the Live vault which is determined by taking the total assets in the vault divided by the Distributed Rising Tokens. Watch the link below and have a good understanding of the basic introduction to the vault and how it works.


The distribution of Atlas Rising is the most important step in the development process. The Private Reserve is regulated by the Baker Law Firm and it ensures that the entire distribution is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Atlas Rising Token.

Once 500,000,000 Risings are in circulation, then the Atlas Rising Tokens will be listed on the exchanges


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