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August 1st FOMO: Bitcoin Breaks $12,100 USD

I couldn’t help but shine a light on this before bed.  The bulls are running buckwild!

Bitcoin just broke $12,100 USD!  It took a hard dive to $11,940 and is working hard to restabilize at $11,900+
CB 12100

Almost the entire market is correlating and caught up with Bitcoin and Ethereums dual-bull run.

Ethereum is up an additional 17.61% at $414 USD.

Tezos recovered from its dip and is at $3.11.

Stellar is riding a new wave in the land of double digits at $0.11, and my personal favorite next to ETH lately – ZCash, which is currently up to $89 USD.

It’s fair to say crypto is STRONG.  BAT is looking at a slight $0.01c gain at $0.26c USD – but it doesn’t concern me with the rest of the market this up, Brave will get the token caught up.

Almost the entire market – or at least, the ‘relevant’ tokens are up.  This is wonderful activity to see.  I am sure we will see some drops due to cashouts, but I feel as if the new numbers are holding their ground with fill orders coming in hot.

Perhaps people finally decided $10,000 per coin was weaksauce.

At this rate, I have no idea how to predict where the numbers will go.  These are truly unprecedented times, so pretending to have anything but conjecture is foolish.  Regardless, I’m amped!

How are you feeling about the gains?  🙂

I’m going to take a short dirt-nap and I’ll be up to update the article.  I’m so tired I forgot to put a memo ID in with a DEX exchange, LOL.

-Thomas Wolf

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