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big confirmation for a project where my bet is on it

As a confirmation of my confidence in this project, I read this announcement few days ago and I will make an analyse of what should we expect from this:


First, if you want to see more – you can read this article in Publish0x

In two words:

Restart Energy aims to be a platform for energy producers and consumers where they can buy/sell the energy and avoiding intermediaries. The producers should donate 5% of their output to the platform and it will be given as Green Tokens to MWAT holders. A green token is valued now at 30$.

What this should mean for this project:

  • macro view: the project is fully ongoing to it’s goals with bigger resources and partners for huge markets

  • detailed view – see the below notes for what this investment means:


  • MWH/year – 500 (developed until 2025 – 100 new MWH production/year)

  • GTK/year – assuming an 10 hr/day production with 250 days/year = 500*10*250=1,25 mil GTK – only from this investment

How could be this cuantified in value?

We will take a very possible scenario for the next year:

  • no of MWAT tokens to stake: 350 mil of 500 mil (70% of total supply)

  • GTK/MWAT – 1,25 mil / 350 mil = 0.003 GTK/MWAT

  • price of GTK could be somewhere between 25 $ and 35 $ => 0.09 $/ MWAT (after the full capacity deployed). That means, after first year – only 0.02$, the second year – 0,04 $, etc

  • price of MWAT at a 30% ROI – if I will receive 0.02 $/year and this incomes are increasing month by month, I will be glad to buy MWAT with 0.06 $, because a 30% ROI is very nice. But in the next year I wil pay even 0.12 $ if I will receive 0.04 $, going to 0.27 $ after 5 years.

Possible incomes in $/MWAT for the next 5 years, based on this 500 MWH investment.



So, even the price is not going to grow, I will be more than glad to buy cheap tokens to benefit for this incomes. Now the price is around 0.004 $, so I will have a 500% more incomes in maybe 2 years. For me is enough.

Please study, make your research, see if the project is going on it’s path and after that take your decisions.


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