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Binance built an innovative zone for DeFi traders.

The biggest exchange (centralised) in volume transactions of the world Binance, created an “innovative zone” for DeFi traders and to be part of this, negotiators will need to answer basic questios to be able to participate in the ecosystem, if they fail to answer them they may not enter to the zone and won’t trade future DeFi assets that the platform wish to list.

With this questionnaire led by Binance in order to enter the DeFi zone, the platform will measure the hability of their traders and will see how many are willing to risk their capital also:

  • Lose 50% or more of their initial investment trading on DeFi assets

  • And which users will be able to take that loss as their responsibility

This explicit questions are important to DeFi ecosystem, assets on decentralized finances can lead to investors earn a good profit in few time of trading but also can make them lose all their earnings well also their initial investments betting in this kind of gems.

I believe that the explicit questions conducted by the leading exchange are their insurance that no one after losing money on future listings in DeFi projects don’t come to blame the platform for their losses.

I hope the investors can adhere the zone and stay up for future tokens listed by Binance.

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