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Binance has burned a record amount of BNB: 140% more

Crypto currency exchange Binance has completed the 14th of its BNB burn for each quarter. Accordingly, the stock exchange has forever removed 3 million 619 thousand 888 BNB from circulation. The amount is equivalent to approximately $ 166 million at current prices. This is 140 percent higher than the previous figure when considered in dollar terms. Also in terms of BNB, again the highest amount ever burned.

In the last BNB burn, 2 million 253 BNB was removed from circulation, and at that day’s prices this amounted to $ 68 million.

With the 14th coin burn, the total supply of BNB fell from 174 million to approximately 170 million. Binance will continue to do so until 100 million BNB remains in circulation. The stock market plans to speed up the process even more.

16 million BNB unlocked
Binance fired 3.6 million BNB while unlocking 16 million BNB. “These were supposed to open in July 2020,” said Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance. We just forgot. They moved to the address of the team. ” said.

Finally, the BNBs burned so far are as follows:

1-986,000 BNB
2-1,821,589 BNB
3-2,220,314 BNB
4-2,528,767 BNB
5-1,643,986 BNB
6-1,623,818 BNB
7-829,888 BNB
8-808,888 BNB
9-2,061,888 BNB
10-2,216,888 BNB
11-2,373,988 BNB
12-3,477,388 BNB
13-2,253,021 BNB
14-3,619,888 BNB

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