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Binance Smart Chain Erupts With New Potential 100x Gains – MicroGem Hunter BSC DeFi With Another GEM!

AMM’s Are Becoming Very Popular.


If you are familiar with Binance DeFi, you probably know about the Pancake Swap AMM that has just topped 1 Billion in volume. This is huge considering that it is the number 2 exchange, of course following the largest DEX exchange in crypto history, UNISWAP.



Pretty impressive, however those who used Pancake swap know how slow the API’s are and how the website is starting to lack luster from the beginning of the project when it brought more to the table than it does now. There is one exchange in particular that looks to build on top of the pancake model to bring even more function to the BSC AMM battleground. Below I will outline the reasons I went all in to this project. 



Presenting KIMOCHI Exchange, the next level BSC AMM that includes vaults, staking, pooling, and a host of brand new NFT uses.







Why We Trust This Token


Cryptocurrent.tech has reviewed the contracts and functions of these contracts to verify that they are safe. Considering the staking rewards are time-locked, we have a good indication that this project is the real deal. There is a good product behind the webdesign, and with the features to be unlocked, we are comfortable with the direction of this project and considering the multi lingual nature of the team we believe that this can hit many markets in the space. 



We also found the percentage of holders to be very good, with the top holder only possessing 11,000 tokens in their wallet. 




These guys have some really big things in store. Not to mention they have not even been listed on Coingecko or Coin Market Cap. With close to another 100k in volume and only 186 unique token holders without these listings is another check on the check box. Fomo will start to kick in after these listings become a reality. This among other plans set by the team can be a major contributor to the value of this token. BULLISH AF




If you want to see more why we are so bullish about this token, check out whats going on under the hood:

White Paper: https://kimochi.gitbook.io/docs/

Website: https://kimochi.finance/

telegram: https://t.me/KimochiGroup







New to Binance? 


Check out my guide on how to get started: https://www.publish0x.com/cryptocurrenttech-defi/massive-jumping-ship-the-eth-gas-explosion-users-flock-to-pa-xkyrpyo




Find out more and follow Cryptocurrent.tech for more tips and hidden projects:

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website: www.cryptocurrent.tech

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