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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)- Send it or Gift it thru email!

Hello Good day to all!

One news which interested me recently was regarding Bitcoin-Cash (BCH); With what could be seen as a method to intensify & encourage Bitcoin-Cash (BCH) adoption, Bitcoin.com one of the oldest crypto service provider has announced two new features last month that allows users to:-

a) Gift BCH (Bitcoin Cash) gift-cards thru ‘ Gifts ‘   

b) Send BCH (Bitcoin Cash) as remittance thru ‘ Send

The best part is both the services help users to send BCH through email anywhere in the world.


Roger ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Ver,CEO, Bitcoin.com and promoter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) announced thru a video on Youtube that both these services work with email which could mean global accessibility as far as BCH is concerned.

# The first service gifts.bitcoin.com is for sending gifts to anyone globally wherein the sender sets the amount,currency and the email address for the Gift to be delivered to the receiver.The receiver simply checks his email inbox for the receipt of the same, in this case BCH!


# The second one send.bitcoin.com provides the users of the service, to send money in local currencies using BCH worldwide speedily to any person with any email address worldwide!The recipient just has to check his inbox to claim the BCH. The sender will automatically get his BCH back to wallet if the recipient doesn’t acknowledge within a specific expiry date.


Ver informed “It doesn’t matter what nationality they are, what country they reside in, or anything else, If they can access email they can access their Bitcoin-Cash .Bitcoin.com never keeps a copy of the private key

Additionally there are many features which may reinforce BCH mass acceptance in the near future.

Hoping for the best!

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