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Bitcoin – The Good, The Bad

Good sides of Bitcoin:

  • 21 million
  • Decentralized
  • More stable than altcoins
  • The most well known crypto
  • Considered as digital gold by coiners

Bad sides:

  • Only the coiners believe it’s digital gold
  • Too much well known already
  • Growing less than altcoins
  • Not really decentralized
  • Difficult to mine

About decentralization: it is only in theory, by design as per the initial white paper. But in reality it mostly belongs to whales and miners who are mainly in China due to electricity cost.

What has happened since yesterday?

These miners have taken their profits by selling their coins, dumping the value.

Tomorrow, if a rich guy buys a huge quantity, it will likely lead to a new bull run. So where is the decentralization and the dream of Satoshi?


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