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Bitcoin Update 27/01/21

Hey Traders and readers, how are doing? Let’s discuss Bitcoin. What’s in your mind about today’s market. I am in front of my laptop screen looking at bitcoin movement. This article is not financial advice.
Bitcoin has just broken out the 30k support level. The dump was started from 34500.  When you read my last article about Bitcoin you may have an idea in your mind for Bitcoin consolidation actual price. Bearish Engulfing emerge all along the way on the market trend. Forget 50K so far this month. MA10, MA30 Resistance levels confirm the bearish. Bitcoin forms Head 34800(H)and shoulders32900(S). As for me, I ordered a sell long position at the price of 31900 and looking for the profit at 28k and even more further 27k again.0135b7d8b6b88dde636c0aeef2b962c4235b5094c27096c626484c24edc5bd5c.jpg

Keep holding more and more Coins.
Have good luck Scalpers, day traders, swing traders.
Be wise everyone.

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