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Bitkub Exchange of Thailand Supports XRP SPARK But Not Distribute BCH BCHA to Users

Bitkub is a digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform of Thailand, legally registered in 2018.Bitkub aims to bridge the gap between blockchain and cryptocurrency services by being the most trusted and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange.Bitkub envisions a world where everything that can be measured, will be digitized.
After the Hard Fork of BCH on 15 November 2020, it is finally announced by Bitkub few minutes ago on 23 November 2020 that Bitkub shall not distribute the Forked coin called BCHA to clients, or the other word the BCH holders will not receive the BCHA due to security reasons. It disappointed most of BCH holders. Some users take the comment on social to discredit and said they should better go to another foreign exchange instead. But some said it is OK to not receiving BCHA if thinking about security reasons.
However, as we all know the XRP is forking the SPARK token in the mid of this December 2020. Bitkub to avoid the issue alike BCHA has immediately annouced that SPARK will be available to holders of the XRP at 1:1 after the security reasons reviewed. Bitkub users are required to possess XRP in Bitkub wallet before 12th December 2020 at 07:00 AM (GMT+7) in order to receive the new coins. Hope this actions of Bitkub could recall the users confident and loyalty back from the BCHA incidence.
Take a look and Register Bitkub here.

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