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Bitmax + Solana Airdrop Guide.

BitMax + Solana  – ◎20,000 SOL Airdrop In partnership with Bitmax, to celebrate Solana’s listing

  1. Create BitMax ExchangeAccount Here. (SKIP this if already have)

  2. Visit Solana Airdrop Page Here.

  3. Enter email address used at BitMax.

  4. Agree to terms and sign-up.

  5. Do Social Media Tasks.

  6. Take the Quiz Here

  7. Fill the form and answer the quiz: (Answers provided below.)  

  8. More infos on Solana’s Medium

  9. Visit ShareAirdrops.com to more Airdrops (opitional)

  • How many transactions per second did Solana process in its last global benchmark? 

  • D. 59,490.

  • What is the core innovation letting Solana perform faster than any other blockchain? 

  • B. Proof of History: A decentralized clock.

  • How many seconds are Solana’s block times? A. 0.4.

  • Where did Solana’s founders work on embedded systems and operating systems for 15 years? 

  • E. All of the above.


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