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Blockchain , Ethereum , Smart Contracts : Basic Concept before starting to develop DAPPS (Part 2)


Blockchain (Decentralized Distributed Peer to Peer Ledger) : 

Blockchain is decentralized database where data are stored over distributed nodes over the internet. Data are stored in blocks and there linked together with chain. This makes it so that all blockchains are databases but not all databases are blockchain. All transactions are stored in blockchain which is transparent in nature. Every one can see the transaction that occurred within the blockchain. If we have public address of either sender/receiver, transaction can be tracked .




Ethereum and Smart Contracts:

Ethereum is the blockchain having second best market cap value which uses proof-of-work consensus protocol(Currently on the phase on conversion to Proof-of-Work). Smart Contract are the code which is controls the overall application in decentralized way. Smart Contract is the core part in DAPP development. Solidity is used to write Smart Contract codes.  The smart contract code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible. Smart Contracts controls how the DAPP(Decentralized Application) works which is stored in blockchain.

In this course we are goona deal with creating the DAPP using the Ethereum blockchain. This series will contain the DAPP featuring decentralized election(voting),lottery (Make sure you follow me for further tutorials).

In next post, I will deal with the basic concepts on How smart contract are deployed using various test network. It covers solidity programming language, mocha testing, remix .

I will upload the project code of DAPP’s in github as well.  

So, Stay tuned for further uploads.



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