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Blockchain is good for hodling, but not for voting: Bad Crypto news of the week | CoinTelegraph

JOEL COMM, the author from CoinTelegraph in his new article said that *Bitcoin continues to move through the gears. The currency is up more than 12 percent over the week and is now playing with the $18,000 mark, and it’s not just the US dollar that Bitcoin is bashing.* He also says: 

It’s also hit all-time highs against the Russian ruble, the Colombian peso, the Brazilian real, the Turkish lira, and the Sudanese pound among others. Its rise, now 375 percent above the point that gold investor Peter Schiff accidentally called as Bitcoin’s bottom, is inevitably causing analysts to ask how high it can go.

It’s so interesting story, so if you have some time to invest, please go *HERE* and read the full article. 

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