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BlockFi: Double Up Your Crypto Earnings!

BlockFi just started this 2x bonus interest campaign today!

If you don’t have a BlockFi account, this could be the best chance to jump into crypto interests 👇



There is no minimum balance required to get started and earn interest on cryptos. 

BUT 8.6% interest is on USDCGUSD, and PAX stablecoins. 

  • BTC is UP TO 6% 

  • ETH is 4.5% 

  • LTC is 3.8%

Just sign up and put some money into it by July 18, 2020! (if you already have an account, you won’t qualify… like me 😂)

Twitter Announcement


My last month BlockFi HODL report

interest report

$25 for doing anything is great, but I wish they would double interests for existing accounts…

$25 x2 = $50 could be you!



Despite the Security Breach back in May, BlockFi had a great month in June. They have doubled their revenue and expanded their business. They launched a mobile app, partnered with Poolin (large mining service pool), extended the business to Asia to attract more customers in Asian countries, and most importantly beefing up their security with their newly acquired chief security officer.

Start HODLing If you are ready 👇

start now


More Info here

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