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Brave Partners With bitFlyer To Develop a New Crypto Wallet.

bitFlyer (Japan’s biggest Crypto Exchange) and Brave has announced their partnership to develop a new crypto wallet. 

From the Bave Blogpost-

In April, bitFlyer listed Basic Attention Token, a utility token integrated with the Brave browser. To further strengthen our cooperation, we will start developing a crypto asset wallet for Brave browser users. We will also launch a joint marketing campaign to expand the recognition of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among our customers and to improve customer convenience.


This news might turn out to be very good news for Japanese users as currently due to Japan’s regulations, users are rewarded with Brave Attention Token Points (BAP) instead of BAT. This crypto wallet may further down the line mean rewarding users with BAT. 

This is not the first time we are hearing about Brave and their Japanese associations. Recently Brave was one of the most downloaded apps in Japan.  Brave also partnered with the popular Japanese pop group ‘BTS’ in order to launch a limited edition browser for the pop group fans.

Brave intends to launch a marketing campaign along with bitFlyer to spread awareness about cryptocurrency and BAT in particular in the Japanese market.

If you are still using Chrome (which you should not considering google’s anti-privacy stance and recent lawsuit) or any other browsers, consider using Brave via my referral link.

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