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Brave September Payments Pt. 2

Well it seems that the time is here! Just a few minutes ago my Brave iOS browser (regular one not the Beta) informed new that I had BAT to claim! 

My phone was accurate when payments went out on the 5th so I was really unsure of what to expect. What I ended up getting was really really exciting as I received 0.75 BAT which was actually a little over 30% of my pending amount. Doing the math I must have had 2.45 BAT pending as I now have 1.4 BAT pending.

If this turns out to be roughly the percentage one could expect I would not be upset as this is in my eyes a bonus. I know it was the Brave team that is responsible for the big however they could have chosen to do nothing. While 30% of the two amounts I have pending (7.720 and 12.335 between my two computers) would not be high payouts it would be decent. The first computer (using the ~30% I received from my phone) would payout 2.316 and my other one 3.7005. While low individually, together it’s 6.0165. That amount would be roughly what that computer would produce a month prior to the pandemic since it does not travel to work or school with me. 

I would assume though my two laptops would get paid out more due only seeing a handful of ads a day if I’m lucky. I hope the percentage I received on my phone is on the low end of the range. On my phone so far this month I have received a ton more notifications than I have on my computers. We will see shortly though!


I am hopeful that over night tonight my computers get their BAT payouts and I wake up to more BAT in my Uphold wallet! Only than I can really figure out how they decided to figure out how much BAT each user would get. If and when that happens I will be sure to let you know!


My hope is that they are able to make most people happy but this is a long shot. People tend to get upset and outraged over what they feel they are owed when this payout is only one they are doing to show good faith. If you have not seen my previous articles about Brave and what has gone on this last month the blog is here.


If you do not have Brave yet and would like the security it provides by preventing targeted ads and tracking on your computer please use my referral link here!


Thanks for reading!

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