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Cardano (ADA). My humble opinion.

My humble opinion.

As a summary, I can say that Cardano is the technological platform that supports the Ada cryptocurrency. It was born in 2015, with the objective of being the first Blockchain project developed from “a scientific philosophy”. This is because it was designed by a team of engineers, financiers and experts in digital currencies.
ADA has recently undergone a hardfork towards total currency decentralization, I’ve been following this cryptomoney for a long time as my second favorite, however, to this day I must say that my faithful trust in it will not come until I see real and tangible projects created on its network, that is, most tokens and contracts are created on Ether’s ERC20 network but there are still none created on Cardano’s network.

Here Charles one of the founders commented on November 2nd very important points about this milestone that I am commenting. I think this AMA will be of interest to you. At the moment there are great promises, but nothing material like EVERIPEDIA


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