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CC193 – NuCypher – Privacy for the Crypto Sphere


⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:00 Introduction
00:52 NuCypher on CoinGecko
01:52 NuCypher main page
04:31 Umbral PRE
06:09 NuBLS
08:34 NuFHE
10:21 Secrets management
11:19 The NuCypher Network


When I made this vlog and try to understand the foundation, the information presented on their website overwhelmed me. It is too much concentrated on the technical level and is hard to understand for the average person.

I believe the team can make improvements in this area.

What you need to remember about NuCypher is they want to provide privacy with DAPPS in the crypto sphere from my understanding.

NuCypher website: https://www.nucypher.com/

What’s covered in this video

I cover everything presented on their webpage and I have to be honest is very technical and concentrated on privacy.

I think is something important when dealing with crypto. Now watch the video right now to know more about NuCypher!

Last word

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