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Claim airdrop 600$


Hello, today this is not going to be an article but a news that can be very interesting for you, it can make you have some tokens, I myself almost missed it.


If you are using the DEFI, you may be lucky to be eligible for this airdrop. For that you must have interacted with some of these protocols below:



As far as I am concerned, I was able to collect $ 600 which I did not keep in the form of their token, I preferred to exchange for Eth because I had spent a lot of it lately.





To get your airdrop, you have to go to this link:


If you are eligible it should be displayed in the red rectangle as in the image below.




Then you just have to claim. I advise you to put enough Gas so that the transaction is carried out quickly without a hitch.



I put you an article in French with other projects that have the possibility of doing airdrops. Sometimes you have to interact with the protocol in question to be eligible.




Here, I hope you will be eligible, tell me in the comments. Good luck.

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