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Claiming your free $PNG Pangolin Airdrop: IMPORTANT if you had the Uniswap airdrop (only valid for a month – Metamask guide)

If you were one of the lucky people in the crypto community who received the UniSwap “surprise” airdrop then you are in for another surprise airdrop courtesy of Avalanche BUT it’s only valid for a month so you need to be (fairly) quick!  

This is available if you held UNI on 7th December in your non-custodial wallet (i.e. not on an exchange) – If it was Metamask, you’re likely to be eligible for the Avalanche Airdrop and will receive an $PNG token. 

Firstly, check out the Pangolin website https://pangolin.exchange/ $PNG is at the time of writing ranked 686 on CoinGecko https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/pangolin


The first thing to do before reading through all of the below (There are a lot of steps!) is to check whether you are eligible.  to do this go to: https://cchain.explorer.AVAX.network/address/0x0C58C2041da4CfCcF5818Bbe3b66DBC23B3902d9/read-contract and enter your wallet address that you received the Uniswap airdrop to.  If you didn’t receive a UNI airdrop, it’s pretty much certain you aren’t eligible for this airdrop!  But feel free to  check anyway 🙂


If you are eligible, take the value in the output from line 9 and divide by 10^18 to get the number of PNG tokens you are due. A 400 UNI balance will have got you around 80 tokens.  Easiest way to work out how much you will get is to go to Google and type in the output/ 10^18.  Or tbh, just take the first two digits (unless you got a massive UNI airdrop) and you’ll have your amount to claim!  You’ll see what i mean with some of the pictures further down when i made my claim (43 tokens)

This guide is for how to claim these tokens without bringing back the tokens across the bridge from Metamasks Avalanche network wallet to Metamasks Ethereum network wallet.  I’m not an expert and I made this guide from the steps I took when claiming and some research – there are some excellent other guides out there u/alexiskef and u/gamma001 have done on Reddit guides which are linked (which I referred to when I got stuck) – kudos to those guys!

1. To begin, you need to configure Metamask to use the Avalanche network. Instructions here: https://pangolin.exchange/tutorials/getting-started I’d recommend doing this first as it’s going to save messing around later on in the process.

2. Next go to https://aeb.xyz/#/transfer which is the Avalanche Ethereum bridge and send 1 UNI across the bridge in order to activate your claim. If you longer have UNI in your wallet, you can buy UNI on Uniswap and send it across the bridge.  Be sure to tick the “I want to send funds to my address” box so that the UNI/SUSHI crosses the bridge into the same address controlled by your Metamask but on the Avalanche network.

3. Set your gas fee and send the transaction. Gas fees are very high at the moment as you know so it’s definitely worth checking whether it’s actually worthwhile claiming.  If you’ll only get 2 or 3, it’s probably not worth it!  Remember to set the gas high enough that the transaction will go through at a reasonable speed – might sound obvious but setting a very low gas fee you’ve got the danger your txn will get stuck. Use https://www.gasnow.org if you want to calculate this.

4. Once your UNI is deposited on the AVAX network, you’ll also need a small amount of AVAX to pay transaction fees. There are a few exchanges that do this, I used Okex but you can check the “exchanges” tab at the bottom of Coingecko https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/Avalanche to see which exchanges trade it. I transferred 0.5 AVAX to cover the tx fees.

5. Avalanche has multiple chains meaning you can’t send it straight from an exchange to the chain your $PNG airdrop is on.  The Ethereum equivalent exchange is the C-chain (Contract chain) so you need to create a wallet in order to receive it.  You can do this by going to https://wallet.AVAX.network/ – when you’ve created this don’t forget to do all the usual backups of seed phrases etc. as you would with Metamask or another wallet.

6. Save your wallet to your browser (so that you don’t have to restore from a seedphrase each time) by going to the “manage keys” section, selecting “export key” and entering a password.  You can then save the .json file to your desktop and write the password down, this will speed up accessing your wallet when you go back into it – you’ll need the password you set so don’t forget it!

7. Next withdraw your AVAX from Okex (or whatever exchange you’ve used) to your “X-chain address” (exchange) in your new wallet.  This will show in the top right and you have 3 different options you can click between – the two you will need are the X chain and C chain – please make sure you send from the exchange to the X address!


8. Once you have your funds, do a a cross-chain transfer from the X-chain to the C-chain (3rd option on the left menu) which will move your AVAX onto your Ethereum address on Avalanche required to claim your airdrop.  You then need to send your AVAX (I sent 0.4 but i think you could do slightly less, maybe 0.3?) to your Metamask ETH address in order to pay the AVAX fee to make the claim. 


9. Go back to the swap page and click the “Claim xx PNG” button to get your airdrop (see below).


This will probably take a while – I went and made a coffee and had some lunch before mine was done but when it is complete you should have tokens in your new contract wallet.  If it hangs for any reason, you can go to the FAQ’s which suggests going into Metamask, clicking Settings, Advanced then Reset account.  Make sure you have backups but this pretty much cleared it and the tokens landed within a few minutes.


10. Now you’ve got those tokens in your wallet, i guess you might want to convert them back to AVAX and then withdraw them to the exchange you originally used to buy the AVAX!  This is pretty straightforward – go to the Pangolin swap website https://app.pangolin.exchange/#/swap then swap the PNG for AVAX (which will use metamask) whilst not forgetting that you still have the 1 UNI you moved into the wallet – I converted this to AVAX as well. 

11. Once you’ve done step 10, use Metamask to send the AVAX you converted back to your “C” wallet address in the Avalanche wallet you set up earlier. (Don’t forget that you need to set the gas fee to 470 – took me a while to work this out with a few errors before it clicked what i was not doing!)

12. Now you have this in the “C” Wallet (Contract Wallet) of your Avalanche Wallet, you need to transfer it to the “X” wallet (Exchange wallet) in order to send it back to an exchange – for this step, i kept getting errors again until i reduced the amount of AVAX I was transferring by the fee of 0.002 AVAX – Once done, it went through immediately.  Bizarrely though, it left 0.002 in my C wallet so must just be a glitch.


13. Now you have the AVAX in your X wallet, you can just send it back to Okex or whatever exchange you bought the original Avax from and – YOU’RE DONE!


I have to say that this was quite a stressful process and not one i’d like to repeat – hopefully any future airdrops will be as easy as the UNISWAP original one was!  Once again, thanks to the Reddit guys for your guides – hopefully this supports the excellent work you did and i’ve added links to your sources below as mine was literally trial and error with my set up.

All i’ve done above is documented my steps from start to finish using Okex exchange and Metamask wallet.  I’m by no means an expert so if you have any questions, pop them in the replies below and hopefully someone else with experience of other exchanges and wallets can help.  Thanks for sticking with me on this, it’s a long process…but worth it


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