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Coinbase CEO Calls Article on Kayne West ‘Epic’, Gets Community Backlash

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has landed in more hot water after he tweeted a link to a post about Kanye West’s presidential candidacy. The founder only last month emphasized that Coinbase would not maintain any political attitude.

  • Armstrong tweeted a link to a post by Rob Rhinehart about the latter’s support for West, which was found to have misleading and false statements
  • While there is no indication if Armstrong was being flippant, it was enough for the crypto community to call him out on linking to a political post
  • The tweet made from Armstrong’s personal account during work hours and has been not available since
  • The CEO generated controversy in September following an open letter that said Coinbase would be “apolitical” and would not tolerate any activism from employees
  • In his letter, Armstrong said that “there is a blurry line between moral statements and politics” and that it wouldn’t “engage when issues are unrelated to our core mission”
  • Rapper West appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast on October 24, saying that Bitcoiners “understand how to liberate humanity”
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