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Coinbase Interview with Peter Leykam

As many of my continued readers (though few they may be they are still appreciating!) may know I’m new to crypto, but what they might not know is that I’m also cheap… and I love free things especially crypto.

Recently I received a short survey from coinbase asking me a few short questions that in short determined my experience level with crypto and coinbase itself, at the end I was told that I there was a possibility of being selected for an interview with coinbase with the possibility of a $50 reward in the form of an Amazon Gift card or my choice in crypto. Needless to say I was excited though doubtful that I would be selected.

To my surprise I awoke to this email the following day!

Thank you so much for filling out that survey. We would like to speak with you to learn about your experience using coinbase and cryptocurrency. Please schedule a time to talk by using the following links. To thank you for your time you will receive $50 in an Amazon gift card or the cryptocurrency of your choice.

I couldn’t believe I had been picked, immediately I searched the name of the person who had sent the email to get at least the bare minimum of validation that he was indeed legit. Afterwards I followed the steps laid out for me in the email and set a date.

Long story short and lots of legal jargon later….I’m not actually allowed to talk about the interview and I only received permission to mention that I was interviewed by a gentleman named Peter Leykam. (I would also like to mention that I definitely had to promote Publish0x and also shamelessly plugged my own blog)



PS I picked the crypto.



PPS Never give out your personal information to anyone and please do your homework before agreeing to anything!






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