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Coinbase Updates

While for people with more experience Coinbase is not the exchange of choice for new people Coinbase serves as a great on-ramp to Crypto. For a long time Coinbase did not change all that much however the second part of this year has really changed that. 

Within the last month several crypto currencies have come to the exchange including all Loopring (all current Publish0x tipping currency’s are now tradable on the exchange). The Earn feature of Coinbase has also grown immensely the last 4-6 months with CELO, Compound and most recently Maker being available to earn. 

Coinbase has also continued to expand its offering with PoS or staking coins. Previously they had USDC and Tezos as the only ones. Then around a month ago they added DAI and finally today they added Cosmos. While the percentage is not huge compared to what you can get at other exchanges or wallets it’s sizable compared to a high yield savings account!

Coinbase is rapidly expanding is offering further solidifying its place as the easy on ramp. Most people initially, myself included, want something quick and easy as we research and learn more about the space. With all of the additions including DeFi tokens and educational video Coinbase is helping nurture a new wave of people looking to learn.


If you are interested in the Brave Browser and have not downloaded it you can download it here using my referral link! 

Also if you have not done the Coinbase Earns for EOS and people’s favorite Stellar Lumens I would appreciate you using my referral link for that! It does not matter if you are a new Coinbase user or an existing one! They have several different coins available in the Earn section besides these two however they are the ones with the biggest payouts. The link to earn $10 in EOS is here and the link to earn $10 in Stellar Lumens link is here.

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