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CoinPanda Review

CoinPanda is for sure a lesser known faucet. I only stumbled across it, because of a youtube video. At the time I was looking for a faucet that offered a wider variety than what is typically offered, and CoinPanda Definitely has that!

How do you earn with Coinpanda?

The main way to earn with Coinpanda is through shortlinks. Every day a decent amount of shortlinks are available that shouldn’t take you too long to finish. There are also 1-3 PTC ads available, and you can claim the faucet every 15 minutes. You earn claims which you can use to autoclaim your coins.


Claiming the faucet and finishing all the shortlinks will earn you additional claims, which you can claim by going to the Challenge tab at the top of the screen.


For every action on the website, you will earn experience points that will level you up over time. For every level that you gain, you will earn 1% more when you claim your coins. So for example, if you’re level 8, then your claims will be increased by 8%.



Which coins are available on Coinpanda?

Like I said, Coinpanda has one of the most varied amounts of coins available, as of writing you can claim 29 different cryptos!

In the time that I have used Coinpanda they have added new coins on a regular basis, so I’m expecting to see even more coins in the future.


How do you withdraw from Coinpanda?

By clicking on the coins tab, you’re taken to the page where you can select the coins you’d like to claim. Select your favourite coins and then remember to hit the register button at the bottom of the screen!


Then go back to the main screen and you will see your coins being automatically autoclaimed!


You can claim faster by using the multiplier, you can choose up to 10x faster claiming, as long as you have a balance of over 1000 claims.

It doesn’t cost anything extra to use the multiplier.


You can check the status of your coins on the withdraw page, once the bar hits 100% you can withdraw.


Please make sure before you start claiming what the withdraw options are for your coins! Some coins can only be withdrawn to Coinbase for example, while another can be withdrawn through ExpressCrypto or straight to your own wallet.

And here are some payment proofs:


Do you want to give Coinpanda a try? You can click here to give it a go!


Thanks for reading and I hope this article has helped you!

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