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Cooperation on Covid-19 vaccines doubled the price of HBAR

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is working with blockchain platform Hedera Hashgraph to monitor the temperature of Covid-19 vaccines.

According to the press release released yesterday, asset tracking company Everyware will provide software to NHS to track the temperature of vaccines around the clock, and the accuracy of these data will be guaranteed with Hedera Hashgraph’s distributed ledger technology.

Initially, the technology will be used at NHS facilities in the UK’s South Warwickshire, Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick hospitals region and will be expanded as vaccine delivery progresses.

A reliable monitoring system is essential, as vaccines need to be stored well below freezing to prevent spoilage. As is known, the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine needs to be stored at a temperature of about -70 degrees.

Hedera’s token, HBAR, experienced a massive price increase with the effect of the development. The token was traded at $ 0.066 yesterday, but today it reached $ 0.12, an almost 100 percent increase in the morning hours.

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