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Crypto.com Surprise Temporary 24-48 Server Maintenance!?

If you’re a Crypto.com user you’ve most likely been aware of the fact that the app and exchange has been down nearly all day.

First we were seeing abnormal prices for some coins on the exchange/app, as seen below.


1,000,000 ETH, just what everyone wants to see, am I right or what!?! But sadly my dreams came crashing down when I got booted out of the exchange and app just to be greeted with error messages.


Thankfully an hour or so later we get an official response from Crypto.com.

6 hours pass and still unable to login to the app or exchange after the initial response from Crypto.com, than we receive an official response from Kris the CEO.



Sounds like theu had a potential hack or internal glitch that some bad actors were fast enough to take action on. Tell me what you all think below!

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