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Crypto Hits a $2 Trillion Market Cap

The total market cap for crypto reached $2 trillion today. I was actually watching it in real time. BTC, ETH and BNB all ticked up at the same time, but BNB had been going up over the entire day. This is really a Binance Coin led rally, truth be told.

As I write this, BTC has yet to crack $60k again while ether is having trouble moving past its all time high of 3 days ago. Bitcoin dominance continues to drop and is currently in the low 50s, having dropped from the high 50s last week. Altcoins like Axie Infinity and Deflect, which both had pumps of over 60%, helped to lead small cap alts into a more significant role in raising the total mcap.


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Making Money in Crypto Part 1

Gems I’m investing in:

Privacy – Swirl
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NFT – Doki Doki
Gaming – Abyss

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