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Crypto News: Smartlands Network has been rocketing in price

I rarely post on events in the crypto market but there’s been one $hitcoin I’ve noticed for a while that seems to have skyrocketing while many others tank and it’s Smartlands Network (SLT).  Since a low last December of around $0.14.  It’s current trading at around $3.30 on decent volume. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/smartlands-network/

This is NOT a buy recommendation but for anyone curious, I COULD recommend taking a look into the fundamentals as to WHY such a large shift has happened.  I checked out their site in the past and bought some but have already taken the profits.

So, an idea for an investor could be to do a little work to determine why the shift occurred and see how confident it has some solid foundation and it’s just hype being spammed … and then maybe if an ignorant “profit taker”, potentially such as myself, cashed out too early, you might catch a lucky dip … would have been nice if I’d have held out longer on it.

I felt, after using this site for so many other interests, I should give some support to the crypto martkets and SLT caught my attention this morning BECAUSE I JUMPED OFF AND CAN”T CATCH UP TO IT NOW! 🙁 (It’s all good though.  I can always walk my way there 😉 )

Good luck with your endeavors.

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