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Crypto Research Call Notes – 11/23/20


1) BTC Dominance is set to go down. Look for BTC dominance in 2021 between 35% – 50%. 

2) How many winners will there be in the Smart Contract Platform Wars of the 2020’s? 

– These 4 listed below are the leading contenders in my opinion. Thanks @Brad_Laurie

3) Trending Coins last week 

4) Annualized Revenue! 

5) $CORE now has $19.59M in Total Value Permanently Locked (TVPL)

6) Good list of newer tokens from @Cooopahtroopa

7) The @coin_artist launched their “GET PWND” NTF collection over the weekend themes around Chess: 


8) CoinGecko now has a “Social Tokens” tag


9) The $COVER community voted YES to the $PICKLE claim, which is a good step forward for decentralized insurance




You don’t need to be a VC to have a research community.

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Please note: The material presented in all articles is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice. Do not invest in the organizations I provide analysis about. This is not investment advice. Crypto Cartography, including its principal, is not a financial advisor. Please seek professional investment & tax advice before investing.


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