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Download ZoidPay App & Earn ZPAY

4.000.000 ZPAY to be won ! For the first 100.000 users !

ZoidPay Wallet has been released ! You can download it now and start earning ZPAY.
Tokens will be distributed every Friday. You will receive the guidelines on how to claim tokens in your e-mail (The same one you provide to register to gleam.io).
ZoidPay is a full service Crypto Payment Platform with Crypto Card, Mobile Wallet and Marketplace. Buyers will be able to spend their crypto assets like they do with FIAT and merchants will be able to safely receive crypto, stable coins or FIAT depending on their needs without having to worry about accounting procedures.

You will be able to manage and spend your ZPAY with the ZoidPay App, and turn ZPAY into products and services with ZoidPay’s Crypto Card.

ContactlessTaking the already-known habit of people paying with contactless cards everyday and implementing it for crypto payments – combining the convenience of traditional technology with the benefits of blockchain. 


No entity owns the card and no name, nor credentials are printed on the card, which makes them distributable worldwide, and an ideal solution for the unbanked. 

Peer-To-Peer Transfers

One tap to perform cryptocurrency transfers in a peer-to-peer card transaction.



The following should not be taken as financial advice nor investment strategy. Remember to always do your own researches (DYOR).


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