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Easy Way To Earn 1INCH Tokens: Quiz Questions And Answers


Hello and welcome!
Have you heard of 1INCH?
Do you want to know more about it?
Do you know that you can earn from what you know about 1INCH?
This is possible if you read this post till the last word.
Coinmarketcap has again, organized a campaign for people like you and I to know more about 1INCH and also earn from learning.
To do that, you’ll need two good accounts on;
1. Coinmarketcap
2. Binance  

Step 1
Click/tab here to create and account at Coinmarketcap.
Step 2
To create a Binance account, use this link 
My referral code is 37470679
After creating an account, copy your ID number because you’ll need it.

NB: skip the two steps above if you have those two accounts.

Step 3
After creating the two accounts, note all on the image below. e3f4f45fbe9050a45632ddbd9c87da3c0c5618c26610421ad028962d8bccac3c.png

Step 4
After that, click on the link below to start your quiz.
Use link  
Also feel free to watch quiz videos.
Your reward will come when the campaign is over.

I hope that the steps above works for you.
Thanks for stopping by.
Remember that your good tips and happy comment(s) is an inspiration to my writing fingers and thoughts.


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