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Episode #29 – Discover Furucombo and DeFiChain DeFi Projects & 25 Potential for 2021

Podcast #29 linkhttps://anchor.fm/chesatochi/episodes/Episode-29—Discover-Furucombo-and-DeFiChain-DeFi-Projects–25-Potential-for-2021-eothch


I finally get my energy back toward DeFi and investigated two new projects that hopefully you will find interesting. In the meantime, the market experienced a healthy correction of a 30% drop.

You always need to have patience in this market.

What’s covered on this podcast

I talk about the following projects:

25 potential projects for 2021: Go check my latest videos on YouTube and check for titles with 2021.
Furucombo: A DeFi project for automating a lot of stuff like flash loans.
DeFiChain: DeFi built over the Bitcoin network.

Last thought

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