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Competitive games, otherwise known as eSports, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been around for several years. They both started in the underground zone in many ways, but when they entered the mainstream, they never looked back. Today everyone knows bitcoin wallets and trusted brands like Luno, who have years of experience. Likewise, eSports is now considered by many to be a genuine sport, actually worth billions. So, with sports and cryptocurrencies growing and only getting bigger; unsurprisingly, these two have joined forces, with cryptocurrency exports by now.

MobileGo is a successful cryptocurrency Ethereum-based ERC20 token. It was created by GameCredits Inc, which provides a payment system for players and developers, to combine the sports and benefits of cryptocurrencies. Specializing in peer-to-peer tournaments and matches, the smart contracts that Ethereum can ensure that there is no ongoing business in the field of cash prizes and payments. MobileGo ensures that everyone can take part in fair and competitive sports, even on their smartphone, and there are some epic rewards available for all involved.

If you are looking for a decentralized platform where esports is fair and top notch, look no further than FirstBlood. Everyone involved in tournaments and challenges gets paid on time and something is often wrong with the world of eSports today. FirstBlood also abides by the core principles of esports, allowing players to not only use their skills to win, but also improve their skills along the way. With everything related to blockchain and smart contracts in the game fun, payments, growth as players, excitement and security are guaranteed.

If you have been interested in esports in the past few years, you will be aware that there are teams and organizations that players are members of. Players need organizations and, in turn, they need players. Often players need coaches and the like, and this is where DreamTeam comes in. DreamTeam is a platform that uses native token DTT when giving exporters the opportunity to find each other. So if you are a player who needs a coach, team or manager look no further. DreamTeam also works the other way around, making it ideal for organizations looking for the next big esports star.

Sports have always been big when it comes to betting and esports are also becoming very popular. Therefore, Unikoin Gold was created to capitalize on this and is seen as the leading eSports betting token right now. Using Unikoin Gold, players can bet on their favorite players, teams and tournaments. Using the Ethereum-based decentralized currency on their own bespoke Unikrn platform, users can even place bets against each other and there are also jackpot tickets regularly available, in what is a complete esports betting system. With everything fair and safe, Unikoin Gold aims to take advantage of the huge growth expected in this industry, as more and more people get involved in esports.
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