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#ETHEREUM Festival for 300 ETH PRIZE #POOL ▶ 🎰 💯 🎁 💰💰 💎

Ethereum integration is one of the largest milestones for the BetFury team on the way to a huge multicurrency update. We’ve added the ability to make Deposits/Withdrawals, play any games, mine BFG(BTC) tokens, get Cashback & Referral bonuses and receive Staking payouts in ETH. Of course, we can’t leave such an event without a festive party! 



ETH Spin                  c9cbad6c16bb67f5d423f3e3076a6d9ec20c798659eed3a058f928721156514a.png


up to 100 ETH

More, even more ETH! Want to get a guaranteed crypto bonus? Play favorite games on BetFury and catch 1 spin for each 0.1 ETH wager (only ETH bets count). Take away prizes up to 100 ETH! Collect spins or use your lucky chance right away. 



ETH Weekly Battles 


$10 000

New Battle every week during the ETH Festival! Play in-house games and slots with ETH, increase your wager to get a higher place, share the prize pool of $10 000! Fury prepared 500 prize places. The higher you are –  the bigger is the reward. You have a week! Let’s play!



Daily in-house Battles 


$1000 every day

The famous Battles for profit are also in! Any game can be on the battlefield! Follow the announcements to join in time! Bets can be placed in any currency (including ETH) – the total profit will be considered in BTC. 

200 winners will share $1000 every day

during the Ethereum Festival.



ETH Boost Boxes            1683198909bc33f15ed88fbed2b440540de36a29ecb01f8aa10efa17f0a06bea.png


up to 100% in ETH

You’ve been waiting for the opportunity to buy Boxes with other currencies. Raccoon Fury likes to make dreams come true. Meet special ETH Boxes and get up to 50% monthly rate! 






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