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Ethereum will perform better than Bitcoin

Legendary trading expert Peter Brandt commented with the idea that a new altcoin season started at the end. Trade guru Peter Brandt spoke about Ethereum (ETH), which he predicts will perform better than Bitcoin (BTC) in the near future in relation to cryptocurrencies. Brandt also believes that this applies to “most” other altcoins, which means that the highly anticipated altcoin season may have finally come.7515e67d9a8d64ee2d3d0013d9ffaa8705db31da2ff3f82ff988218f3e413fec.png

At the time of writing, ETH was trading at its highest level of 0.02622143 BTC since March 8. Ethereum has managed to earn more than 5% against Bitcoin in the past five days, but analysts think this break may come to an end.

Brandt has set its price target at 0.03276 BTC, which will turn into a 23 percent increase for the ETH / BTC pair from where it currently trades. The largest altcoin is above the 79 percent of the all-time high of 0.12396 BTC, recorded on February 1, 2018.

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