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Everything you need to know about the Swipe acquisition by Binance

Hello, and welcome to another post.
I’m this article, I’d explain everything you need to know about Binance’s acquisition of popular Crypto digital wallet, swipe.

But first, a quick primer for those who are unfamiliar with Swipe.

Swipe is a multi crypto wallet and debit card company that allows users to buy, sell and swap between cryptocurrencies easily within an app. They also allow direct spending of crypto from your wallet, so you can buy food at your local supermarket with your swipe card directly from your wallet.

Binance, in a bid to become the biggest name in crypto, has acquired this company, for a very large but undisclosed amount. At first, they made it look like a partnership, but eventually it was shown that it was an acquisition.

Binance has shown interest in launching its own debit card service, and I have written about this numerous times in the past. I also signed up to receive one, and will receive it when it’s ready.

I like that Binance us branching out. They can be found in every faucet of crypto, everywhere in the world. They have a mining pool, multiple exchanges, their own token, their own staking pool, their own smart blockchain and now their own card service.

Eventually, I’m pretty scared that the power is getting a bit too much for CZ and his band of merry men. If they dominate every sphere of the crypto space, doesn’t that mean that crypto is defeated?

Regardless, Swipe has made BNB available to over 50 million locations worldwide. This should be great for BNB’s price in the long term.

Thanks for reading.
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