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Explanation of the omega pro opportunity




I guess you’ve heard of trading before.

Some people have probably tried it already.

Others are afraid to take the plunge.

And I can’t fault the latter because not everyone is made to trade.

To trade, you need to be nerve-racked and enjoy spending hours on the computer following the markets which today, thanks to the internet, are open 24 hours a day.

To trade alone is to risk losing your money by panicking or simply making the wrong choices.

Trading is a profession and only professionals are able to obtain good results on a daily basis and in the long term.

In times of crisis, trading is particularly profitable because the more variations there are, the more money can be made in the market.

OMEGA PRO offers you the chance to put your money at the disposal of great traders who will do the work for you by maximizing the gains and minimizing the risks as much as possible.

You know if you’ve tried it before, the bigger you trade, the bigger the payouts.

OMEGA PRO will use your money to trade in FOREX – the fiat currency market.


The system offered by OMEGA PRO is very simple.

You choose packs based on the money you want to deposit and spend on trading.

You already have a pack from 100 USD!

Otherwise the packs range from $ 100 to $ 50,000.

After 7 days, you receive your 1st win.

The money you deposit is blocked for 16 months with the possibility of withdrawing it in the event of a hard blow (with a penalty of 30%).

Every day of the week (no forex on weekends) you will receive 0.45% on the sums deposited, which corresponds to + or – 10% per month for 16 months.

If you decide not to withdraw your earnings every day and therefore opt for compound interest, you will make 300% by the end of the 16 months !!!

Your winnings are paid out in Bitcoins, which is a definite advantage.


SIMULATION for a deposit of 5000 USD on OMEGA PRO:


5 days a week, you will receive 0.45% of $ 5,000 = $ 22.50.

In one month, you will therefore receive 22 X 22.50 = 495 USD.

If you decide to withdraw this money every month, then you will be paid $ 495 for 16 months = $ 7,920.

Your $ 5,000 will therefore turn into $ 12,920 if you take your earnings every month.

If now you decide not to withdraw your earnings and use compound interest, you will make 300%. Your $ 5,000 will therefore turn into $ 15,000 in 16 months = $ 10,000 in earnings!

Once again, the money you deposit on OMEGA PRO to purchase your packages remains your money and you get it back whenever you want (preferably after 16 months to avoid penalties).

To open an account with Omega Pro, it’s super simple.

Just click on this link: http://backoffice.omegapro.world/joinnow.aspx?url=dXBsbmZvcm1ubz1MdWR3aWcmbGVnbm89MQ==&Leg=Left

You indicate your NAME, your country, you add your telephone number without the zero at the beginning in any case for France, for the other countries, verify and you choose your username.

Then you will need to choose a question and answer it.

It will be your security question.

Here are the questions:


-In which city did you have your first job?

-What is your favorite movie ?

-What is the name of your pet?

-What was your nickname when you were a child?

-Who was your sports hero when you were a child?


You choose.


Then, you answer the question, you add your email address and you choose your password.
You then accept the general conditions.

An automatic message from the site will then be displayed with your login details but also with your transaction password.
Write it down and keep it safe.

You should also receive the same information by email.

Then, to connect, you click on LOGIN FOREX and you enter your login details.
4 frames are displayed. You must then click on FOREX TRADING (not the other frames).
On your dashboard, you can then click on Shop

– Buy package and buy the package (s) you want by following the procedure.
Payment can be made by cryptocurrency or by credit card (visa-mastercard).
You will have to indicate the transaction password which will have been sent to you by email to proceed with the purchase.
For the 1st pack, there is a charge of 29 dollars.

Then, no more costs.


Once the pack has been purchased, you must wait 7 working days to receive your 1st earnings.


Happy New Year everyone and enjoy









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